Indestructible Jacket

The toughest utility jacket ever made, is now fleece-lined and waterproof.


Model is 6ft 2 / 189cm with a 40 inch / 101cm chest, and wears size Large.

  • Outside of the jacket made from 100% Dyneema Black
  • Highly abrasion and rip resistant
  • Lined with ultra soft Polartec fleece

140 years after the denim jacket was adopted by miners, cowboys and labourers, and more than 100 years after the first leather bomber jackets were created for WW1 pilots, we’ve built the toughest utility jacket ever created. Every fibre on the outside of the Indestructible Jacket is up to 15x stronger than steel. The material we’ve used is so tough it was originally used in body armour, anti-ballistic vehicle armour, and ropes used to tie down oil rigs in violent, icy seas.

The fleece-lined edition of the Indestructible Jacket is not just designed for pure strength. We’ve turned it into an all-season jacket by making the outside waterproof, and by lining the inside with soft Polartec fleece so you stay comfortable in any environment. The jacket is constructed with ultra-strong bonded thread, heavy-duty embossed metal buttons, and hidden passport pockets.

Technical Details

Outer material made in Belgium: 100% Dyneema Black
Highly resistant to rips and abrasion
Body lining made in the US by Polartec: 100% polyester fleece (69% recycled)
Sleeves lined with cupro and compact synthetic insulation
Outer material is waterproof
Seam-sealing at shoulders, chest and back for waterproofness
2 invisible chest pockets with concealed zip entrances and secured with metal fasteners
2 open fleece-lined side pockets
Jacket fastens with embossed metal buttons
Brushed fleece-lined cuffs with 2 metal snap fasteners
Brushed fleece-lined collar with metal snap fastener
Jacket constructed with ultra-strong bonded thread
Jacket weighs 950 grams
Machine wash 30°C
Constructed in Romania
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The toughest utility jacket ever made

Since the birth of the denim jacket in 1880, rugged and lightweight utility jackets have been used to protect people carrying out the toughest jobs in the toughest places. After denim became the default uniform for cowboys, miners and labourers, it was followed by the leather bomber jacket built for fighter pilots in open cockpits at 25,000ft. 140 years later we’ve built the toughest utility jacket ever created. Every fibre on the outside of the Indestructible Jacket is up to 15x stronger than steel.

The fibre we’ve used is called Dyneema Black. It’s so tough it started its life in body armour, anti-ballistic vehicle armour, and extreme strength ropes used to tie down oil rigs in violent, icy seas.

It’s now designed for all seasons

In 2020 we launched our first Indestructible Jacket. And it remains the lightest high strength utility jacket in the world today. The fleece-lined edition of the Indestructible Jacket combines extreme strength with extreme practicality. We’ve bonded a waterproof membrane to the underside of the jacket and lined it with an ultra soft fleece to turn it into an all-weather utility jacket.

How we’ve made Dyneema Black waterproof

To build the latest version of our Indestructible Jacket we’ve bonded a waterproof membrane to the underside of the Dyneema. It’s this membrane that makes the world’s toughest material weatherproof. And it’s the first time this has been done. Constructed with millions of tiny pores, the membrane allows sweat to escape while keeping rain out. So even if you’re in a snowstorm or a downpour and the Dyneema begins to absorb water, it can’t come through the membrane, so that’s where it stops. The jacket’s critical seams are reinforced with heavy-duty bonding for waterproofness.

An outer material 15x stronger than steel

The Indestructible Jacket is made from Dyneema which is the single strongest fibre known to man today. If you’re into chemistry, it’s an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene that combines extreme strength with very low weight. On a weight for weight basis Dyneema is up to 15x stronger than steel and 40% stronger than high-strength aramid fibres. While it’s often used as a composite – an ingredient added to other materials to make them exceptionally strong – the entire outside of the jacket is made from 100% Dyneema.

What the jacket feels like

Dyneema Black feels like denim on a cold day. It’s soft and smooth to the touch, but you can still feel a light grain under your fingers. If you’ve ever come across ultra-lightweight Dyneema used in backpacks you’ll know it feels and sounds a bit like paper. But the material we use is simply a different species. It’s called Dyneema Black which is far stronger and far thicker because it’s spun then woven. And it had never been used for clothing before until we used it to build our Indestructible Puffer at the end of 2019.

The colder it gets the stronger it gets

The colder Dyneema gets the stronger it gets, which is why it’s used to make the mooring lines on giant ships and deep-water oil rigs that have to perform in freezing seas. A mooring line on a winch buried under heavy ice on a ship sailing in extreme conditions can’t afford to fail. As the temperature drops down to -50°C the Dyneema ropes gain 5-10% strength. Projections show that the rope would gain even more strength if it dropped to -150°C. And it doesn’t just get stronger, it also loses no strength in relation to abrasion resistance or cutting.

Constructed with ultra-strong bonded thread

The entire jacket is constructed with an ultra-strong bonded polyester thread. Rather than being made from a single strand, bonded thread is made up of multiple intertwining strands which are sealed together with a coating and heat treatment. This creates a heavy-duty, high tensile strength thread normally only found in shoes and backpacks that’s resistant to fraying.

SIze + Fit

The Indestructible Jacket is designed with a regular fit.

Fits chest 83 - 90 91 - 98 99 - 106 107 - 114 115 - 122 123 - 130
Fits waist 71 - 76 76 - 81 81 - 86 86 - 91 91 - 96 96 - 101
Fits chest 33 - 36 36 - 39 39 - 42 42 - 45 45 - 48 48 - 51
Fits waist 28 - 30 30 - 32 32 - 34 34 - 36 36 - 38 38 - 40