Titan Hat

Designed for cryogenically cold new worlds. And winter.

$325.00 $162.00
  • Lined with insulation and ultra-soft fleece
  • Weatherproof outer shell
  • Comes with a detachable, fleece-lined face mask

Titan is Saturn’s largest moon. And one day it could be our next home. It comes with an atmosphere 4x thicker than Earth’s, and it’s only the second body in our Solar System known to have liquid on its surface – we live on the other one. So just like the Moon and Mars it has potential.

However, Titan is cryogenically cold. With average surface temperatures of -179°C, it’s twice as cold as anything recorded on Earth. It also has methane monsoons and cryovolcanoes spewing out jets of freezing hydrocarbon rain. So don’t book your flight just yet. As we continue to build clothing for planet Earth and beyond, embracing the challenges of Titan forces us to push the technological boundaries of extreme cold weather clothing.

It's why the Titan Hat is built from two ultra-soft and insulating layers, comes with a fleece-lined mask for extreme cold, and is protected by an outer shell designed to survive in warzones.

Technical Details

3 layer outer material made in Italy: 100% polyamide
Outer material is water resistant to over 10,000mm
Outer material is breathable with a RET score of 9
Outer material weighs 170g/m2
Fill weight 60g
Fill power 430+
Fill made in China: 100% recycled PET bottles
Lining made in the US by Polartec: 100% polyester (74% recycled)
Detachable fleece-lined face mask
Peak with metal snap fastener
Chin fastener with metal snap buttons and four tightness settings
Elasticated cord adjuster at rear
Hat weighs 250 grams
Machine wash 30°C
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We test the Titan gear the way you test components in missiles. At -100°C in a liquid nitrogen chamber.

Size + Fit

The Titan Hat comes in 2 sizes, Medium and Large.

Size M L
Fits head 54 - 58 58 - 62
Size M L
Fits head 21.2 - 22.8 22.8 - 24.4