Can you run up and down a mountain in a suit… then wear it to dinner?

Two weeks ago we launched The Future Suit – an ultra-modern, weatherproof take on what we used to call a suit.


Designed to work everywhere from a plane, to a boardroom, to a mountain, to a night out, the Future Suit Jacket and Future Suit Pants are made from high performance Merino that we’ve transformed into a smooth, high tech material – so it doesn’t look or feel like any wool suit you’ve seen before.  


So the obvious next step is to see how it does when you run up and down a mountain in it… then wear it straight out to dinner.


If you have a favourite mountain, or there’s a particularly cool one near you that you think we should consider please let us know… ideally there’s also a great restaurant right at the bottom of it so we can run straight to our table.


Or, if you really like running and eating, you can apply to be our guinea pig / mountain goat.


The suit retains and enhances all the high-performance properties of Merino – it can stand in the rain for half an hour before it even feels damp, it’s 5x more windproof than normal Merino, it’s breathable, it kills bacteria, and it regulates your temperature – but it comes in a streamlined, minimalist design.