The Dyneema Ultralight Jacket

A jacket with the strength to weight ratio of Ant-Man. Coming soon.


Launching soon. Waiting list now open.

Over the last few years we’ve made extraordinarily tough things – from our Indestructible Jacket to our 100 Year Hoodie. And we’ve made extraordinarily light things – from our Graphene Jacket to our Graphene T Shirt. But the next (and super challenging) step is combining the two, to create lightweight yet super high strength materials.

Alongside our highly classified work reverse engineering off-world technology, we’re also working with graphene, carbon fibre, and Dyneema to create the future of lightweight high-strength materials. This is not a quick process, or even a project that will be completed in the next 10 years. It’s the start of a journey where the ultimate endpoint is bulletproof materials just a couple of microns thick. But each time we reach a new level we will release a piece of clothing to mark the occasion, and for you and us to experiment with.

And so in the next couple of weeks we’ll be launching our first Dyneema Ultralight clothing, starting with a 275 gram jacket with a crazily high strength to weight ratio. It’s a daily driver you can take to work or up the side of a mountain, with a ventilation system we’ve built from scratch, and microscopic strands that are 15x stronger than steel. It’s also fully seam sealed for waterproofness, highly breathable, matt black, and the waiting list is now open in the link above.