Indestructible Hat

Built with magnetic storm flaps, a waterproof membrane and Dyneema Black.

  • High strength Dyneema Black outer shell
  • Constructed with a waterproof membrane
  • Ultra-soft fleece lining

Over the last two years we’ve been building the toughest jackets on Earth with an ultra-high strength material called Dyneema Black. Having started life in body armour and anti-ballistic vehicle armour, we use it to build our Indestructible Puffer and Indestructible Jacket.

Now we’ve taken the same material to rebuild the trapper hat. The first trapper hats appeared in the Arctic Circle around 500 years ago. And they’ve been helping really tough people feel a bit less cold ever since – from Scandinavian explorers to Siberian hunters. Constructed with magnetic storm flaps, a waterproof membrane, a Polartec fleece lining, and an outer layer which gets stronger as it gets colder, the Indestructible Hat is designed to see you through winter anywhere on Earth.

Technical Details

Outer material made in Belgium: 100% Dyneema Black
Highly resistant to rips and abrasion
Constructed with a waterproof membrane
Fully seamed sealed
Upper fleece lining made in Italy: 100% polyester
Lower fleece lining made in the US by Polartec: 60% recycled polyester, 40% polyester
Magnetic fastener at chin with two tightness settings
Elasticated cord adjuster at rear
Machine wash max 30°C
Constructed in Romania
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In the coldest place on Earth, this is the strongest hat

As the temperature drops, the Dyneema outer layer increases in strength, making it unlike any other hat ever created. The lowest temperature recorded at ground level on Earth was -89°C in the Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctica. It’s here that the hat comes into its own. In the coldest temperature ever recorded, this would be the strongest hat ever made, and still getting stronger.

Size + fit

The Indestructible Hat comes in 2 sizes, Medium and Large.

Size M L
Fits head 54 - 58 58 - 62
Size M L
Fits head 21.2 - 22.8 22.8 - 24.4