Indestructible Hoodie

Woven with ultra strong Dyneema, it’s designed for pure strength.


Model is 6ft 2 / 189cm with a 40 inch / 101cm chest, and wears size Large.

  • Built with high strength Dyneema and Cordura
  • Highly abrasion and rip resistant
  • Extreme four way stretch

Since 2019 we’ve been rebuilding ordinary clothes with the strongest fibre in the world – Dyneema. Having already rebuilt jackets, puffers, hats, vests and jeans with it, we’ve now brought the same technology to hoodies. On a weight for weight basis Dyneema is up to 15x stronger than steel, which means that the Indestructible Hoodie is designed for one thing – pure strength.

While the hoodie is just 1 millimetre thick, it’s highly resistant to abrasion and tearing and can withstand a 75kmph fall and drag on concrete. It’s also got extreme 4 way stretch. So it’s not really like any hoodie that’s been made before. Engineered with concealed side pockets, a two-way front zipper and reinforced heavy-duty stitching, you can also wear it as one of the toughest jackets on Earth.

Technical Details

Material made in Italy: 76% polyamide (Cordura), 14% Dyneema, 10% elastane
Highly abrasion resistant
Rip resistant
Critical seams reinforced with heavy duty stitching and tape
2 side pockets with hidden lockable zippers
Four way stretch
Wind resistant
Two-way reverse coil front zipper
Low profile elasticated cord adjusters at the hood
Articulated 3 piece sleeves
Material weighs 440gsm
Hoodie weighs 860 grams
Machine wash cold, or hand wash
Constructed in Portugal
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How we tested the hoodie

To figure out just how tough the Indestructible Hoodie is, we took it into the lab and beat the crap out of it in a variety of different ways. The tests we put it through were looking for one thing above everything else – strength. So they recreated real-world conditions which would quickly destroy most hoodies. From blunt force trauma and sudden impact from high speed falls, to the steady grinding down of materials caused by daily wear and tear.

While the hoodie is just 1 millimetre thick, it can withstand a 75kmph fall and drag on concrete.

The hoodie is crazily stretchy

The reality of most materials this strong is that they’re heavy and don’t stretch at all. But we’ve completely rewritten the normal rules with the Indestructible Hoodie. We’ve blended 10% elastane into the hoodie which creates a material unlike anything you’re likely to have worn before. It’s more like a superhero outfit. It not only feels light, but it comes with extreme 4 way stretch, so whatever move you pull the hoodie will simply go with you.

Woven with ultra strong Dyneema, the Indestructible Hoodie is designed for pure strength.

Built with an Italian mill who specialise in ‘tough’

No one’s ever attempted to make an Indestructible Hoodie before. So we worked with a specialist Italian mill outside Florence who produce fire-proof clothing for the armed forces, full body suits for pro motorbike riders, chainsaw-proof boots, and a material called Shark Skin that’s impervious to hypodermic needles. Their biggest customers are the Italian army and the Swedish police, so they sounded like our guys.

It's part of our Indestructible range

In 2019 we took the puffer jacket – traditionally one of the weakest and most delicate pieces of clothing you can buy – and rebuilt it from Dyneema, so that every fibre on the outside of the jacket was up to 15x stronger than steel. Since then, we’ve used the same technology to build our Indestructible Jacket, Indestructible Puffer Vest and Indestructible Hat. So when we went to build the strongest hoodie ever made, there was only ever one material we could use.

Why you find Dyneema in survival situations

To understand just how tough Dyneema is, you have to look at how it’s being deployed in the world today. It’s used to make bullet resistant vests, armour and helmets. It’s used in panels on tanks to protect against stronger ballistic threats like anti-tank projectiles. And you’ll find it in bulletproof cockpit doors in most commercial planes in the US. Unlike other high-strength materials it’s so light it floats on water, and it’s resistant to the long-term effects of moisture, UV light and chemicals, which is why it’s now also being used in artificial limbs.

SIze + Fit

The Indestructible Hoodie is designed with a regular fit.

Fits chest 83 - 90 91 - 98 99 - 106 107 - 114 115 - 122 123 - 130
Fits waist 71 - 76 76 - 81 81 - 86 86 - 91 91 - 96 96 - 101
Fits chest 33 - 36 36 - 39 39 - 42 42 - 45 45 - 48 48 - 51
Fits waist 28 - 30 30 - 32 32 - 34 34 - 36 36 - 38 38 - 40