Apocalypse Jacket

Built with a material invented for NASA’s Apollo Program.

CHF 975.00

Model is 6ft 4 / 193cm with a 42 inch / 107cm chest, and wears size XL.

  • Outer material withstands black lava, flash fires, and chemical erosion
  • Integrated system of 16 hidden pockets
  • Based on the original workwear jackets

The Lightweight Edition of our Apocalypse Jacket looks and feels exactly like the kind of utilitarian workwear jacket that has existed for over a century. But it’s made from materials that can withstand black lava, flash fires, chemical erosion and re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

We use a blend of aramid fibres found in bulletproof vests, and a super-material called polybenzimidazole (PBI) that was invented by Dr Marvel for NASA’s Apollo Program in the 1960s. The heat resistant properties of PBI were so remarkable that it’s still used by NASA to this day.

To make the jacket fully apocalypse proof, we've lined it with an integrated system of 16 hidden pockets that cover almost every square centimetre of the jacket and allow you to carry everything you need to survive the end of the world.

Technical Details

Outer material made in the UK: 58% para-aramid, 40% polybenzimidazole, 2% antistatic
Cordura lining
Outer material is fire and heat resistant
Outer material is highly abrasion resistant and tear resistant
Outer material is water repellent
Outer material is chemical and stain resistant
Integrated system of 16 pockets
4 chest pockets
2 large front side pockets
4 upper back pockets
6 lower back pockets
All pockets fasten shut with metal snap fasteners
Cuffs with metal snap fasteners
Jacket fastens with metal snap fasteners
Pointed collar
Articulated sleeves
Jacket weighs 943 grams
Machine wash 40°C
Constructed in China
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The Apocalypse Jacket is insanely fireproof

In the late 1960s NASA needed something insanely fireproof. As the Cold War and the Apollo program gripped the world, the Department of Defence called up a scientist named Dr Marvel – we’re not making this up – and gave him an apparently impossible brief. Invent a fibre with no melting point. Marvel’s response was polybenzimidazole (PBI), a fibre of exceptional thermal and chemical stability. PBI retains its integrity after it is exposed to high heat, chemicals and abrasion – it won’t stiffen and crack, unlike other fire-retardant materials.

Designed to withstand black lava, flash fires and chemical erosion. Zombies will hate it.

The fabric is incredibly strong

All fabrics have a tensile strength, which is the force required to snap their fibres. Firefighter uniforms are required to have a tensile strength of 450 Newtons/55mm. PBI has 5x that. Plus 10x the required tear-strength. We knew our Apocalypse Jacket needed to be annihilation-proof. So we worked with a cutting-edge lab on the south coast of England – where its team of technicians and engineers helped us create the jacket’s outer-shell using a combination of PBI and para-aramid, the stuff used to make ballistic-rated body armour. Our Apocalypse Jacket offers incredible protection against heat, flash fire and arc flash, while retaining its flexibility and strength.

It repels chemicals

The Apocalypse Jacket is a soft, breathable shield that thrives in hostile environments. It's chemical splash resistant, so will repel oil, petrol, sulphuric acid, nitric acid and caustic soda. It's also antimicrobial, UV resistant and high wicking. In short, it provides you with the highest level of protection you’ll find anywhere on Earth. That’s true whether you’re wandering a scorched version of it in 2047, or its current iteration in 2022. Zombies will hate it.

The outside of the jacket is lined with 16 hidden pockets that let you carry everything you need to survive.

The Apocalypse Jacket is built with a material invented for NASA’s Apollo Program.

Based on the original workwear jackets

The shape and construction of the jacket is based on utilitarian workwear jackets that have existed for over a century. There’s a pointed collar to keep your neck covered in harsh weather. The jacket fastens down the centre with the same low-profile snaps as the pockets. The sleeves are articulated for added freedom of movement. And the cuffs close with snap fasteners.

SIze + Fit

The Apocalypse Jacket has a regular fit.

Fits chest 83 - 90 91 - 98 99 - 106 107 - 114 115 - 122 123 - 130
Fits waist 71 - 76 76 - 81 81 - 86 86 - 91 91 - 96 96 - 101
Fits chest 33 - 36 36 - 39 39 - 42 42 - 45 45 - 48 48 - 51
Fits waist 28 - 30 30 - 32 32 - 34 34 - 36 36 - 38 38 - 40