Planet Earth Swim Shorts

High strength, high stretch swim shorts built for the land and water.


Model is 6ft 4 / 193cm with a 33 inch / 83cm waist, and wears size Large.

  • Extreme four way stretch
  • Ultrasoft antibacterial mesh lining
  • Treated with plant-based water repellent technology
There are over 510 million square kilometres on the surface of Earth, and the Planet Earth Swim Shorts are designed to work in every single one of them. Whether you’re on a beach, a boat, a paddleboard, or a wave the size of a building, these are the most advanced shorts anywhere on the planet. Made from ultra-tough compression fabric they’re highly abrasion resistant against reefs and rocks but stretch like an elastic band. And with three streamlined zipped pockets, a feathersoft antibacterial lining and plant-based water repellent technology they’re not only the world’s best board shorts, but the most versatile shorts ever made – as high-performance on a mountain as they are in the mid-Atlantic.

Technical Details

Main material made in Italy: 66% polyamide and 34% elastane
Highly breathable and fast drying
Extreme four way stretch throughout the shorts
Abrasion resistant
Material is UPF rated 50+
Mesh lining made in Italy: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane
Lining is highly breathable, fast drying and treated with antibacterial coating
Fluorocarbon-free plant-based water repellent technology
2 side pockets with concealed lockable zippers
Rear pocket with concealed lockable zipper
Elastic, rope tied waistband with reinforced welded panel and metal tipped rope
Reinforced drying loop
Material weighs 200g/m2
Shorts weigh 275 grams
Machine wash 30ºC
Constructed in Portugal
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Built from compression fabric, they’re crazily resilient and strong

The material we’ve used was originally designed for compression gear so it’s incredibly strong. We’ve simply laser-cut it into the shape of non-compression gear. The strength of the material remains identical, but you have none of the pressure on your muscles. Every inch of fabric has been knitted by 40 needles, so unlike normal knitted fabrics it’s incredibly dense. This means that on abrasion tests, which show you how fast you could destroy something on coral reefs or a dirt track, it scores 5 out of 5 for toughness.

The material we’ve used was originally designed for compression gear so it’s incredibly stretchy and strong.

They’re the stretchiest shorts you’ll ever wear

Whether you’re a kitesurfer or a yogi, there’s literally no move you can pull where these shorts will restrict you. If you were holding a metre of this fabric, you’d be able to stretch it to 1.5 metres in any direction, and as soon as you let go it would instantly return to its normal shape thanks to the huge amount of elastane we’ve used. Stronger and more durable than rubber, the more elastane you blend with another material the stretchier it becomes. These shorts are 34% elastane making them unbelievably stretchy.

Everything that makes these shorts amazing for the oceans makes them phenomenal back on land too. 

Just as good on land as they are on water

While we set out to build the best shorts on earth for the water, everything that makes them amazing for the oceans makes them phenomenal back on land too. They’re so light and stretchy you can run an ultra-marathon in them. They’re strong and resilient enough to cope with any mountain biking, climbing or hiking trip. They’re as soft and comfortable as a pair of sweatpants if you just want to kick back. While the cut and simplicity means you can wear them to the office.


The Planet Earth Swim Shorts come with two side pockets large enough to hold your phone, cards and keys on land, or a GPS in the water. Both pockets are lined with the same super soft, stretchy Italian mesh so they don’t rub. The pockets are fastened with concealed zippers with a rubberised and lockable zip pull, so once they’re done up they won’t come undone. There’s also a zipped back pocket on the right hand side. 

The ultrasoft lining is breathable, stretchy and treated with an antibacterial finish.


The shorts are elasticated at the waist and fasten with a rope cord with a rubberised end. The rope is woven through laser-cut holes which have been welded for extra strength. The inside of the waistband is soft, highly elastic and high wicking.


We’ve lined the Planet Earth Swim Shorts with an amazingly soft Italian mesh that sits next to your skin, so you stay comfortable from the inside out. Just like the outer material it’s highly breathable, stretchy and fast drying. And it’s treated with an antibacterial finish, so the shorts stay fresh for longer, even when you’re sweating hard.


There are over 510 million square kilometres on the surface of Earth, and our Planet Earth gear is designed to work in every single one of them. Alongside our Planet Earth Swim Shorts you’ll find shirts, pants, jackets, hats and t shirts that are built to work in every mangrove swamp, arctic plateau, desert or office on Earth.

Size + Fit

The Planet Earth Swim Shorts have a regular fit. The length is designed to sit just above the knee, with a 21cm / 8.2” inseam in size Medium.

Fits waist 71 - 76 76 - 81 81 - 86 86 - 91 91 - 96 96 - 101
Outside length 47 48 49 50 51 52
Inseam length 20 20.5 21 21.5 22 22.5
Fits waist 28 - 30 30 - 32 32 - 34 34 - 36 36 - 38 38 - 40
Outside length 18.5 18.9 19.3 19.7 20.1 20.5
Inseam length 7.9 8.1 8.3 8.5 8.7 8.9