We want you to be happy with every piece of Vollebak gear, so if something has gone wrong we want to know. 

We use some of the world’s most advanced materials – from copper and algae, to aerogel, carbon fibre, ceramics, dyneema, and garbage. Which means we have to work with the most cutting-edge factories and sometimes entirely new production methods just to make them. 

But working with such a large range of new materials means that different pieces of gear are designed to behave in different ways. 

A t shirt that’s built to biodegrade and turn into worm food at the end of its life, is going to behave very differently to a fireproof hoodie that’s built to be handed down to the next generation. 

If you’ve got a piece of kit and something has gone wrong, let us know and we’ll sort you out. We’re a small, friendly team with a reputation for helping people out however we can, whether that’s with advice, repairs, or replacements. Email us at

We’re also happy to hear from you when things go right. Since launching Vollebak our kit has been used to abseil into volcanoes, trek through jungles, wrestle snakes, run across mountain ranges, and fight the Arctic winter. It’s even survived Burning Man.