See how we’re working on clothes to help you thrive in the next century

We’re on the edge of a revolution. While clothes today still do the same things they did for early man – keeping you warm, dry and cool – over the next century clothing will start to enhance our strength, sensory perception, intelligence, and life expectancy. They will also help us adapt to the extraordinary challenges we face on and off Earth. As we begin to explore new worlds millions of miles from our own planet, we will need to think about clothing in new ways. From combating diseases on Earth, to helping you sleep in space.

Built from 11 kilometres of copper and winner of TIME Best Inventions

Thrown out of supernovas billions of years ago, copper became central to the rise of civilisation, creating tools and sterilising water, before enabling modern day communication, transport, and electrical power. Used to create the earliest recorded medical tools in ancient Egypt, and the latest medical tools being developed by NASA, we built an entire jacket out of it.

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We think about clothing as technology

Clothing is really just an extended support system for the human body. And as something that’s always attached to us, it’s uniquely suited to solving some of the simplest as well as most complex questions that will arise as we go intergalactic. It will become our breathing system, our doctor, sleep aid, source of comfort, food and hydration.