A forest, 6 coves and a local eagle

There are no buildings on our island, no power supply and no running water. Instead it has its own forest, and your neighbours are a bunch of friendly seals. Of course it has a hugely diverse ecosystem with resources to help you survive, so if you’re good at foraging you’ll find sea scallops, chanterelle mushrooms, lobster, crab, and sea kelp. In more good news, there are no bears. So while you’re looking for lunch, you won’t become someone else’s. There are also hundreds of different birds on the island, and at least one local eagle.

We’re now taking applications

Later this year our island will become part of an extraordinary project looking at how we’ll live over the next century in a world of climate change and resource scarcity. But before then we’re inviting you to apply to stay for a night, a week, or even a month. You’ll need to get yourself to Nova Scotia, be fully self-sufficient, and be resourceful enough to only leave your footprints behind. The island can be accessed by boat, kayak, or a 1.5km sea swim. And the rent is $1 a night.