Indestructible Belt

The strap can hold 4 tonnes, or 10 grizzly bears. The buckle has survived a supersonic freefall.


Model is 5ft 11 / 180cm with a 32 inch / 81cm waist, and wears size S/M.

  • Strap built with a high-strength Dyneema core
  • COBRA® buckle with patented locking mechanism
  • Comes in a custom anodized metal case
The Indestructible Belt is the strongest belt ever made. It’s built with an ultra-strong core made from Dyneema, the single strongest fibre known to man today. Weight for weight Dyneema is up to 15x stronger than steel. Which means the strap of this belt is so strong you’d need to hang more than 4 tonnes off it before it breaks – the same weight as a Hummer or 10 grizzly bears.

We’ve paired the Dyneema strap with a COBRA® buckle – the strongest and safest buckle on the planet. Engineered with a patented locking mechanism it’s impossible to release the buckle under tension, and it can withstand 1.8 tonnes of force before breaking. It’s the same buckle Felix Baumgartner wore on the pressure suit that kept him alive during his supersonic freefall from space. Each belt is assembled with 12 rows of ultra-strong bonded thread, an engraved metal tip by Riri, and comes in a custom anodized metal case with a 3D printed latch.

Technical Details

Strap made in France: 63% polyester, 37% Dyneema
Maximum breaking load for strap: 3,942 daN / 4,019 kg
Strap is 32mm wide
COBRA® PRO STYLE buckle made in Tyrol, Austria: 100% aluminium
Buckle is 45mm wide
Buckle is ktl-coated for corrosion resistance
Maximum breaking load for buckle: 18 kN / 1835 kg in loop configuration
Buckle releases with two ergonomically designed brass clips
Release impossible under tension
Cut-out on backside of the buckle prevents build-up of dirt, dust, ice and snow
Belt end made by Riri, Italy: 100% aluminium
Belt weighs 120 grams
Constructed in the United Kingdom
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If the belt breaks, the founder gets squashed

This is Nick, one of our founders. He’s lying underneath 100kg of weight suspended on the Indestructible Belt, betting his life on the fact it will hold.

The strap will hold 4 tonnes, or 10 grizzly bears

The strap is constructed from a woven polyester outer casing which houses a Dyneema core inside. The Dyneema reinforces the entire strap and creates an astonishingly high strength belt. It’s so strong that you’d need to hang more than 4 tonnes off it before it would break. That’s the same weight as a Hummer, a very large adult hippo, or more impractical still, 10 Alaskan grizzly bears. The strap is also extremely difficult to cut through – something our factory discovered first hand when they were assembling the belts.

The Indestructible belt is the strongest belt ever made. The strap alone can hold 4 tonnes.

Built with Dyneema which is 15x stronger than steel

The Indestructible Belt is built with an ultra-strong core made from Dyneema, the single strongest fibre known to man today. Weight for weight Dyneema is up to 15x stronger than steel. Which is why it’s used to make bulletproof vests, anti-ballistic vehicle armour for tanks, and the ropes used to tie down giant ships and deep-water oil rigs in violent, icy seas. Now our Indestructible Belt lets you use the exact same technology to stop your pants from falling down.

The buckle has already survived a supersonic freefall from space, at 1,357kmph.

Constructed deep in the Tyrolean Alps

COBRA® buckles are born out of a long history of metalworking and mountaineering deep in the Tyrolean Alps. Back in 1996 AustriAlpin was started with the aim of developing and producing unbreakable components for mountaineers and ice climbers. Now their products represent the gold standard in safety hardware for high-consequence industries around the world – industries where if your kit fails, you die. To this day every COBRA® buckle is manufactured in the picturesque Alpine town of Fulpmes.

The entire belt weighs just 120 grams

One of Dyneema’s greatest advantages is that it combines extreme strength with very low weight. Unlike other high-strength materials it’s so light it floats on water. It’s also the material that was used to create a 30km long tether designed to pull a capsule back down from space – despite reaching space it weighed just 5.5kg and only needed to be 0.5mm thick. Combined with the lightweight aluminium buckle it means the Indestructible Belt weighs only 120 grams, but can support objects thousands of times its own weight.

It’s made with an ultra-strong core made from Dyneema, the single strongest fibre known to man today.

The strap has been uniquely developed for Vollebak

To construct the strap we partnered with an industrial manufacturer in the north of France that ordinarily makes extreme strength straps for military and aeronautical applications, not belts. They specialise in weaving the world’s strongest fibres like para-aramid, meta-aramid, and the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene we know as Dyneema. The strap for our belt was specially developed for Vollebak, so you won’t find it anywhere else.

Constructed with ultra-strong bonded thread

The connection between the strap and the belt is critical too. So where the two parts meet we’ve double folded the strap, so there are three layers of it. We then stitch it down with 12 rows of ultra-strong bonded polyester thread. Rather than being made from a single strand, bonded thread is made up of multiple intertwining strands which are sealed together with a coating and heat treatment, creating a heavy-duty, high tensile strength thread.

It comes with a custom metal case

The belt comes in its own custom case, built from anodized aluminium 6082T6, a corrosion resistant metal often used for high stress engineering applications like building bridges and cranes. The case is milled with a highly precise 5 axis CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling machine, and is fitted with a hidden 3D printed latch made from Nylon PA12.

Size + Fit

The Indestructible Belt comes in 2 sizes. S/M will fit up to a 34in / 86cm waist and L/XL will fit up to a 40in / 101cm waist.

Size S/M L/XL
Belt Length (including buckle) 111.5 131.5
Size S/M L/XL
Belt Length (including buckle) 43.9 51.7